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Time:08:17 am
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Subject:Hey again.. Just some stuff I'd like to share :)
Time:11:49 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
Hey guys :)

So I think the past year has been extremely eventful for me in terms of tkd, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

April just gone I attended an "international instructor's seminar" under Grand Master Hwang, and I have to admit, he is probably one of the most impressive and most genuine men I have ever had the honour of knowing. Over the course of the weekend he constantly reiterated the fact that what he was saying was not what he says, but what "General Choi say!" It really was such an eye opening experience for me, and I fel like it greatly helped me in developing my patterns. Some movements I'd thought I was doing right were slightly off I found. And almost everyone in attendance was doing the flying side kick in Choong Moo wrong! Since the seminar I feel a lot more dilligent in learning patterns and movements right.

During that April (the week after the seminar) I also completed my black stripe-black belt prelim. It was a seriously stressful grading for me, probably because I'd worked it up in my head to be a nightmare. And in a way, it was, but it was nothing to do with what they'd asked of me. It was more just my state of mind for the day..

The month after that, I graded to Black Belt! The only thing I can say about finally having the belt is the confidence that comes with it. There's no more feeling selfconscious about my kicks, and I just feel like I'm ready to face whatever is thrown at me! Here's a picture of myself and my instructor Mr MacSweeney, 4th Dan, on the day I got my physical belt in training.

I think that's it for now.. Over the month I've learned Ge Baek and am already being pushed to move onto Po Eun and Kwang Ge (apologies for spelling) so hopefully I have them perfected in time for my next competition! :D

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Time:05:46 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
I'm new to Livejournal so I don't really know if it's creepy that I've been randomly replying to things posted 4 years ago. I'm a pseudo 4th degree (just did my test last November) and I've been training for 13 years under Grandmaster Jong Soo Park in Toronto, Canada. Even so, the more I train, the more I realize that I am very very far from being as good as my instructors. I'm learning my new patterns right now, which is always really exciting for me because the ones that I haven't learned always look so interesting. I've got two somewhat down, (they're not instinctive yet, but after a few years...) with only Moonmoo left.
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Time:02:57 pm

Trailer for the 2010 documentary film, TONG-IL: BREAKING BOARDS, BRICKS, AND BORDERS, about Grand Master Woo-Jin Jung, martial arts diplomacy, and the historic 2007 North Korea (DPRK)/USA Taekwon-Do Goodwill Tour
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Subject:Special Needs Taekwon-Do Documentary
Time:06:24 pm

The First in the world, Ben Evans, pioneer of Special Needs Taekwon-Do, a day in the life of Hawke's Bay ITF Taekwon-Do School. His goal is to take these students to DPR KOREA in 2011, the next ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships
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Current Music:Misery - The Beatles
Current Location:Ireland
Subject:Just to Say Hey!
Time:09:58 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hey All!!

I thought Maybe I should introduce myself here and finally worked up the courage and mindframe to do just that!

My name is Cliona and I've been practising Tae Kwon Do for two to three years. I'm currently a red stripe and I'm part of te ITF in Ireland. I love TKD and wouldn't trade it for anything else! I love patterns but I'm not as fond of sparring. I think I'm just not a very aggresive person so I don't tend to go into sparring with a "go to win" attitude (which is fairly rare for Charleville's Club, belive me!). I'm thrilled with my most recent grading in December as Master Dalton double graded me, which I wasn't expecting at all!

I'm hoping to compete a lot more than I have already this year, but I feel I really need to work on my fitness... I'm not unfit, but I wouldn't class myself as amazingly fit either...

So anyways, I thought I'd pop in and say hi! Great to see some fellow TKD lovers here! :)
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Subject:Saying Hello
Time:03:34 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
Glad to know some folks in the ITF. There aren't many ITF dojos in Nor Cal, mostly other TKD dojos,but I go to one I've been going to for years: an open sparring workout put on by Andre Amacker, he learned from Julius Baker. All styles are invited to spar, it is friendly workout and we're all there to have fun, share info and learn, and we've been sparring together for close to 20 years, some of us! I started training in 1974.

I got my Black Belt in 1981 in Colorado. But mostly I keep my skills sharp for the street, to alleviate stress, and cuz I LOVE to spar! It puts me in such a great mood if I go to my workout on a regular basis!
Every year I teach a women's self defense and empowerment workshop on the land up in the redwoods in Mendocino.
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Current Location:home
Subject:Getting back at it
Time:01:56 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Tuesday night was amazing, I rejoined ITF Taekwon-Do at Horanji Taekwon-Do it's moved to a bigger Dojang then when I last trained, it's really nice, there's a wall between the training area and where the parents sit so less distractions, the ceiling is way higher so they can set up specialty breaking stands, and extra changing rooms.
I'm a green belt, and I've been off for about a year and a half and haven't really done much but gain 20 pounds and not cared too much about my fitness, like I play sports with friends and I'm a pretty hyper guy all around, but that first day back is always brutal, I kept up with everyone else in the warm up, doing laps (25) push-ups (50) sit-ups (50) jumping jacks (50). definitely lost flexibility in warm-up stretches. the rest of class was taken up by practicing patterns I mostly remembered Chun-ji, Dan-Gun, Do-San, but I completely forgot Won-Hyo was even one of my patterns, after being shown it a couple times my body remembered it. Though of course it was sloppy but still good for being away so long.
I made the mistake of eating a big supper, so after class feeling exhausted, I almost threw up and I barely got any sleep.
Man it feels good to be back though, it kind of sucks my one class mate that was the same level as me when I was there has his blue belt with a red stripe, but it just makes me wanna work harder then ever to catch up with him. He was/is one of the toughest guys in our Dojang so I always liked being the same level as him, and sparring with him. I can't wait until class on friday, to see how bad I am at sparring now, hopefully it'll only take a few classes to get back to where I was.
Well all my muscles hurt, and I'm still really tired so I'll sign off.
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Current Music:Beethoven, "Moonlight Sonata"
Time:10:42 pm
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
I got my second degree black belt today! I passed with 60%, and I felt that the grading went well overall.

Just thought I'd share.
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Subject:Just saying Hi!
Time:05:21 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm a second degree black belt in ITF tkd. I started when I was 12, did it for several years and then took a break while in college. I was an assistant instructor and did my share of competing.

I'm looking to start again as I love it. There's nothing that compares to the feeling of doing an ITF pattern complete with sine wave.
My school is in Christiansburg, Virginia.

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